Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

So to start my new plan...

Here's what I did last weekend (Oh, b0ll0cks)

On Friday I went out to see generalkhaki at The Venue in New Cross. I brought out my new phone, and my old one (which I'd spent most of the day trying to get the phone numbers out of onto my computer). At the end of the gig, my old phone had disappeared, and that's all I can really say apart from NAAAAADDDDSSS!

Still though, the gig was fine. It's been a long time since I was at a gig where there are basically three audience for three bands. I was told to expect punky ska, and pleasantly surprised to hear surfy punky ska. The drummer was quite impressive, particularly considering he was wearing a jacket. Does he wear one out per gig, or does he keep the same one due to the space age fabric known as khaki? tommymack is a fine frontman, with an admirable tendency to seek out and pursue new faces at gigs. And katstevens further reminded me that my dream of one day learning to play bass (or any instrument) and being a brilliant natural is just a dream: it's really fvcking difficult.

Saturday I went around to my mate Mark's flat. He's been over from Dublin on a civil servant exchange program, and it's certainly time I went to see him, because he's great. We watched those episodes of popular tv comedy The Mighty Boosh that he'd only seen twice.

It took a while for me to get past the fact that Nathan Barley's nemesis Dan Ashcroft was playing a zoo-keeper, but once I realised it's basically Last of the Summer Wine it all came together. I did laugh louder than Mark was expecting at "...and that's why I don't like cricket", thanks to catsgomiaow. Top stuff.

And on Sunday I went over again (he's only down by North Lambeth) to watch Downfall, the movie about Hitler's last days. It's based on the autobiography of his secretary, so it sometimes treads the line between "This is the story of Der Fuhrer as I saw him" and "I always felt we had a special relationship". Also really strange not just to see that several of the people involved died in the last five years, but that one of them is still alive and living in Germany. Busy 60 years.

Also made me think about how many thrillers are map-based. For all that the majority of it takes place in The Bunker, and there's a virtual tour of it in the extras, there's only one section where it actually matters which rooms are connected to which other rooms, and that's the only thrillery bit.

The film is in German with subtitles in English for the hard of hearing. Nothing annoys Mark more than this, particuarly when the subtitles just say "(music)".
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