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Cycling stuff II: the ravelling*

On the cycle training that I did a few months ago, I was taught that it's always a good idea to establish eye contact with cars in front of or behind you, to make a connection with them and make them aware that you're there. Which calls for the kind of spirit of equality that frankly doesn't happen much on the mean streets of 8.30 Clerkenwell Road. But it also works (and works better) as a gesture of supplication, a way of saying "You need to help me here, I can't do this bit by myself". Particularly since 90% of the time the only help you're looking for is the only help they can easily provide IE slow the fvck down, thanks.

I need a new route back from Tower Bridge home, at the moment I'm just doing the obvious one - head west to London bridge, then up past Liverpool Street and over Hackney road. But there must be one that's more direct (and crucially doesn't involve me fending off busses on my way back from Crystal Palace at midnight).

I have an X4 lock from Magnum as the main lock. On one of my many falling-off-bike incidents, the removable bit that actually holds it to the bracket (on the bike) fell of and broke - I was quite impressed at the time but increasingly less so as I have to lug it around on my back rather than via the triangular power of science. I finally eventually rang them and said "I'll gladly pay a fiver or such to get a replacement bit" and they're sending me one for free, and a bracket (which is nice as I broke that within 5 seconds).

And after my front light was nicked earlier in the month (first day that I put the bike back outside), I got a brand new set, which come with no-screws-attached mountings, IE you put a ratcheted plastic tab through a slot and turn another thing to tighten it. I'm sort of surprised that the local yoof haven't nicked it by now.

... though all of this is made moot by the fact that some time on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, they did nick my saddle. Argh.
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