Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Work yoghurt.

I'm being moved in the new year, off helpdesk onto a client team. Helpdesk's not that bad - it's a couple of levels back from actual headset work, and I've learned a lot about the various websites we run, from the top layer all the way to the bottom. Swapping between one website and a similar one for another customer is a timeconsuming and occasionally tricky pain in the arse, though, and working on just one client will help with that.

The client (Trans-Dermal Wodehouse by name*) are also known as the Gravy Train - they're the only one that will pay overtime, at double rates, and they'll refund you for a first-class ticket to Manchester, and not look too closely at which one you actually get. It might mean a fair amount of travel (up to two or three times a week, depending), but getting through my enormous pile of books is also something that I've been meaning to do in the new year. So, Huzzah!

*NB not their actual name.
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