Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

My adventures in vigilanteeism

I was out at CSS in The Scala last night, which was all the way awesome, and I suddenly I get a crowdsurfer in the back of the head, knocking my glasses off (I was about a foot, IE two rows, from the front, so this is a big deal), and I actually do what I've been thinking of for ages: jump up, grab him by the torso, and let my legs go. He disappears to the ground in a hurry (friedslice, up in the rafters, says it was quite noticable to see him just pop out of existence), I get back up, gig continues.

After the end (encore = "Pretend We're Dead"!!!1!!1) there's some faffing with the queue for the coats, and when I settle in upstairs on the bus home, there's a guy on his phone, right at the front , telling an unnamed second party about it.
"Yeah, afterwards, there was this mental queue, so I pushed my way to the front, and there's this guy there, going 'no, I'm sorry, the queue starts around to the left, and goes up those stairs there'"
"And I'm incensed - not only do I have to push to the front of one queue, I have to do it twice!"
"So I just walk around the other side of the barrier and push in there, get my stuff."
"I won't queue, I just refuse to queue."

So I sit and think about whether if he's still got the phone in his (right) hand when he's going down the stairs, would it be possible to kick him down them? Though when the time comes I don't.

I'm slightly concerned. I don't do this kind of shit, or even think about it much (apart from standard revenge fantasies starring for example wankers who throw stuff at me while I'm cycling)
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