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Questions for a flat

I saw a lovely one on Sandringham Road, and spent most of my time going "gah, pretty", so I'm going to mail back with further questions. I always always feel like there's one more question I should ask, so I'm going to put together a list now.

The known knowns (questions I have already asked/seen the answers to)

  • Size: Living room fupping enormous (and the front door opens into it, like on The Cosby Show), bedroom slightly smaller than present, but I don't do anything with all of this space anyway.
  • Furnished/Unfurnished: yes, either one (which is handy because now I own stuff other than bookshelves IE a bed and a sofa/futon)
  • Bikes: two already welcome inside, beside the passage leading to the:
  • Garden: down some steps, beside the basement flat's garden, to quite a decent little business, large enough for a party in the summer but small enough to be managable.
  • Entertainment: I can have parties there within reason.
  • Smoking: no
  • Pets: no
  • Internet: yes
  • Plugs: yes
  • Rent inclusive/exclusive, rough idea of utility bills: check

The known unknowns (things I'm going to ask in an email this afternoon):

  • Dishwasher/washing machine (I saw the kitchen but forgot to look for these)
  • Is there room for a bookcase downstairs? Since the guy showing me around is the owner and the tenant of the top floor, important to suss out the extent to which the living room is his: I wasted ten minutes on another place on Friday before realising that it was only paying for access to the bedroom toilet and kitchen, it'd be like living in a B&B.
  • Heating! Very important this week, can it be timed?
  • What are the neighbours like, what hours do you keep, how thick are the walls: important to avoid the current situation of "please stop existing in your room after 10.30"

The unknown unknowns: Over to you! What have I forgotten? Also if you want, tell a story of what happened after you forgot to ask about one of these.
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