Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Bijou and Compact

I suspect that an organising spirit, in order to celebrate my first year in London*, has organised a symposium of sorts, to demonstrate what the various aspects of my life in the city have to offer:

  • hoshuteki is celebrating his birthday down in Battersea, along with many exciting new (to me) people including his co-celebrant verlaine who some people have been very surprised I don't already know.
  • ampster is spinning tunes for the cool kids down in the Water Rats for the Brainlove Club Party.
  • My flatmate is celebrating her birthday by going drinking near Angel, which will be fun because I never see much of my flatmates at all and they're actually quite ace.
  • And some guy in work has two tickets for the new Conor McPherson play in the National Theatre which he can't use, so is letting them go cheap.

Unforunately this genie has also been influenced by my scheduling over the last year, and has put them all on at the same time. Arses.

*Also I will be celebrating my first year in London by having a party on the 21st, if you can make it. Further details in a little bit.
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