Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Fall down go boom (AGAIN)

(If you've heard about this already, I'm not going to be saying anything you didn't hear. I settle on a canonical version of a tale early on and stick with it, that is very much how I roll)

So on Friday morning, on my way into work (just opposite the Princess Louise), having just overtaken a garbage truck, my left foot slipped off the pedal, sideways into the bit of the bike which is generally the domain of the gears and chain. I went down immediately, no second of "Oh Jesus", just a jumble of sky and bike. As immediately as possible, I thought "SH1T! TRUCK!" and got to the side of the road. The truck had stopped, my bike lay in the middle of the road, something was still bouncing around beside it. I first thought it was my saddle, but that was still attached, so it was after a litle thought that I raised my hands behind me and realised it was MY SKULL! half of the back of my helmet. I wuv my helmet. And I will wuv the next one too.

Actual damage list: big scrapes on knuckles, wrist, elbow, shoulder. Twisted ankle, but after a friendly person helped me the five minutes into work, and the local first aider elevated it and put some ice on, it was fine by going home time. Slightly related damage is that I was expecting to cycle home and come back out in more solid clothing, so I wandered around, including going to the cinema and then waiting half an hour for a bus, in a sleeveless jacket and t-shirt => throat lurgy all weekend oh noes.

I will have to think, about cycling.

[Edit: now with photo of helmet]
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