Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Three awesome things.

  • Children of Men, the dystopian "oh no people can't make kids anymore" film from Alfonso Cuaron. It's possibly better (IE stupendously great) if you've lived in London for any period of time, but it's really incredibly good anyway.

  • The No2ID comedy show at Hackney yesterday, apart from Kevin Bloody Eldon and Gary Le Strange (who there is actually no excuse for, at least Kevin Eldon had some jokes, left to die on the mountaintop of his twattishness though they might be). Most of the comics were good, the compere (Daniel Kitson), grew on us as the evening progressed, and we got to see Josie Long! and Wil Hodgson! and Dara O'Briain! Also it was the only thing I did all weekend, having gone from near-fatal bike accident to vicious throat-lurgy.

  • Such Great Heights, as performed acapella. Being infinitely old, I hadn't heard the original before. When did Amerindie bands start using bleeps in a non-"There's always been an electronica element to our whining" way?

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