Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Tech question.

(despite being computer-oriented for a very long time, I've never been any good at the hardware at all)

My friend Emma has a knackered laptop, it appears that the motherboard is gone (screen's not that great but it's survivable). She's considering acting on the general plan of buying a rubbish laptop with a functioning motherboard off eBay for ~100 quid, and transferring the guts (harddrive, processor, memory) of her old one into this shell. My questions for the technically minded:

1) Is this a particularly feasible plan? Will it have to be the same make (Dell Inspiron 1150 eg something like this: eBay Listing), or are the parts (for same-sized machines) more or less interchangable?

2) Do you (if you = in London) know how to perform this surgery? Would you be available to do it (she lives in Dalston, is in most of the day, can be in any evening)? I'd owe you a BIG favour (or some cash if you'd prefer) and I won't have to think of anything for her birthday present.
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