Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Music meme.

music shuffler, sound track to your life as a film, etc. This'll be off iTunes instead of iPod - I don't know what anything on my iPod sounds like, that's why it's there. I'm afeared it'll be all Mountain Goats :(

Opening Credits: Christy Moore - Ride On (hahahahaha! As we pan across the peat bogs..)
Waking Up: Taz, Greis, Claud, Curse - Jetzt (Pumping Swiss Hiphop in the house! Montage of our hero hitting the free-weights!)
Falling In Love: Talking Heads - And She Was (Perfect)
Fight: Eve feat DMX - Dog Match (great/terrible choice - they're fighting all-comers but not each other)
Breaking Up: Fonda 500 - Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy (....)
Making Up: David Grant - Watching You Watching Me (Disky's More Greatest Hits of the 80s, you have let me down!)
Life's Okay: Bob Dylan - Need A Woman (hahaha)
Mental Breakdown: Rachel Stevens - Nothing Good About This Goodbye (great call, the only one better would be that Marit Larsen track)
Driving: Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' (yes it's off Enter The Wu-Tang, but I bet a fiver you don't know which one it is)
Flashbacks: Elton John - Sacrifice (Our hero seems haunted, slumped in a chair, holding his wig in his hands)
Happy Dance: Marine Girls - Honey (off the Rough Trade indie-pop CD - v. sad so v.good to happy dance to)
Regretting: David Gray - Hold On To Nothing (Back when he was good! This is a good match!)
Final Battle: Ocean Colour Scene - You've Got It Bad (...shit)
Death Scene: Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (This would be a good riff to die. It would take a bloody long time, though)
Closing Credits: DJ Supreme - Intro (Swiss, Hiphop, you get the idea. They love their scratching, bless 'em)
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