Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

My life is a mess

1) I like writing about music (and other stuff), I don't think I'm particularly good at it but I enjoy the thing it has in common with Proper Academia, the idea that (once in a while) you're putting ideas down that haven't been done before. So I enjoyed my Meme post last Friday, except for the bit where it took me all of Friday afternoon, during which I was being paid for self-administered training IE nothing will go wrong because I did nothing but it's still Wrong in all the usual ways (I've let myself down etc). But is there anything I can do, to increase the speed of getting ideas from the inside of my head down into words? Answers along the lines of "go back and actually do primary / secondary school and all the essays that entails" will be accepted with wailing.

2) We are a three-bike house now, and because Rachel and Leah use theirs daily (and because there's only one lamp-post of usable size on the street), mine has been in my room for a few weeks, until I negotiated a swap with Leah's last Thursday. So on Thursday I went cycling hurrah to the Shimura Curves gig and back, and on Saturday I went cycling hurrah just over to Emma's and back, and then when I got back I just locked the frame to the lamppost because you have to lift it up if you want to lock the frame and a wheel and I was tired and today I have no back wheel.

(there's a 3 and a 4, but they're too emo even for LJ)
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