Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Films on Telly

I'd been thinking about sequels a bit because of Pirates 2, and I remembered seeing/hearing/reading (Q: is there a name for when you can recall the informational content of something but not the medium by which you were exposed to it? A: yes, "getting old") an imbecilic piece on sequels and threequels, which was about how the world had been in freefall since the release of the Godfather II (which they grudgingly described as 'commendable'). But they were complaining about the new Superman film being considered by Bryan Singer to be of a proper trilogy with the first two, which is a great rockism vs rockism fight.

But anyway! It got me thinking that I'd be very sad if ever they stopped showing films on TV at all, if they were only on pay-channels, because it lets you watch a film outside of its whole context of hype and current statement and so on (dubdobdee, am I being clear enough that you can tell me what the phrase is for this?), so you can see it as a kid and go "yay! fight fight yay!" and then years scud across the face of the moon and you learn more about the world, and then suddenly you fall over because you realise that was Richard! Pryor! in the third Superman film*! OMGWTF!

*There is another entire post about how Superman III (or possibly the fourth except no-one has ever seen it) is much more a Superman film than the first two, but that might be a FT job, or at least an another-day job.
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