Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Catching up!

Hallo! I have been rushing around for reasons that I'll get to in a bit, but I thought I would jot some stuff down.

I have been to hospital - but not in a terrifying way, I went to my local GP because I had a cold then just a cough then a cold then just a cough, so I was being reminded of the last time this happened, which ended up with the removal of a polyp from my vocal cords. Anyway, I went, got a general going over and decent bill of health - including a stand-alone shiny computer that you put on like the usual blood rate monitor, which displays the figure on top in what is frankly a Star Trek font (long ramble deleted about how Star Trek's unfussy use of tech ruined the impact of a lot of actually impressive advances for generations).

Anyway, the doctor said they couldn't see anything wrong, but just to be on the safe side, why not have an X-Ray? Now, like - just across the road. Now, I've never been across the road, to the St. Ann's Hospital, partly because it's not got a walk-in centre, but also I know it as a Mental Health facility - and also a full hospital it turns out. It's an enormous blank spot in my view of the neighbourhood, and it felt a little like wandering around backstage - there's the big chimney that I don't think of as nearby - there's the back of the Sainsbury's! In actual experience it's a little surreal - a lot of red brick like a town or a holiday camp, but nearly everything non-brick is available in white and NHS blue, like a computer graphics glitch. Anyway, I did the thing and I haven't heard back, and they were quite clear that this is good news.

Oh and old news - I got a second quote in for my windows, thinking it would calm my mind - it did no such thing, as it is fully half of the first quote. Third quote ahoy, then.

Also I went up to Leeds, do celebrate glitzfrau's 40th, and see her and biascut and the nearly-one Edith. I had the excellent whatsagirlgotta as a travelling companion, and met the amazing sorenr, radegund and chiasmata - I genuinely can't remember the last time I went to a party and harvested three LJ names! I'd decided (at some pain to my rucksack-carrying back) to bring up my suit, and the first outing for the excellent moleskine that I got from George's folks a Christmas or two ago. There were a couple of interactions that seemed a little odd - not unpleasant! - and I was telling Glitz the next day that it took me a while to realise that I'm at a stage of life where it's not clear, if I have scrubbed up, that I don't wear a waistcoat down to the shops. Sez I "I feel like I should have a badge saying 'I'm in fancy dress'". Sez she "You were dragged up!"

And then the reason I'm in a rush - a holiday, from Saturday morning to the morning of Sunday 15th - Boston (wwhyte)! Philadeplhia (sinsense)! St. Catherine's just over the Border in Canada (thorngirl)! Hamilton a little closer to Toronto (anthonyeaston)! And some time in New York seeing the sights (and cartographer)! It will be sweet.
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