Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


Being as I am incredibly ancient, I'm always surprised at the speed with the general public have taken to email (which I remember before they invented the @-sign), and the faith that they put in it doing what they want rather than what they tell it.

Some months back I got mail from a N--- Farrell to members of his family, discussing the dispersion of their mother's estate in Normandy, basically detailing who's got what so far, and another one from one of the recipients asking if anyone would keep her in mind while going through the estate. I pointed out the mistake and they kindly stopped but, thanks to the magic of technology, I'm nestled in the bit of their address books that would normally hold their sister, so I get occasional updates about my "other family".

The main problem seems to have been that someone somewhere thought "My name is A. Farrell, yet gmail won't let me have afarrell. I know, I'll use my middle initial (also A.) as well. This can't fail!"
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