Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The reflective jacket, though...

[that is another story]
The jacket is with me because I cycled in today, because I'll be housebound the next few days and I don't cycle enough these days. It was a good idea, as the heavens opened on my way in.

I might cycle a bit less over the winter, not because of the cold and rain, but because of Cycle! Super! Highway! 1! which appears to entirely match my cycle into work - I'm just off Vartry Road as seen in this picture (and wow, I have not really seen a Public Consultation in all its engorged majesty before), So (based on my cycle in this morning) this will be a great great thing .. next spring, and an almighty pain in the arse until then as every part of it will be being done up in one way or another. I may have to take the A10 straight down through Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, Dalston, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Bishopsgate (which gives me the willies) and approx. a million traffic lights.

The jacket being deployed in a non-cycling manner in the photo is because the laptop is larger than the average lap, and so I have to head home with it via public transport (feeling a little awkward and worrying about losing it).

And the jacket being worn is because when you cycle in, you don't (I don't) bring a jumper or a coat, so the thermal top and reflective jacket are helping keep me warm.

And that's a big deal because I've been kicked in the bronchials by a cold since last Wednesday, wiping out that day, and taking a shine off the rest of the week, including less hanging around with the Planetary Scientist, and not getting down to the excellent evening of talks that George and her co-conspirator are putting on down in Brighton as part of the excellent Art-Tech thing she's been doing. I did get to go see the Thing last Monday and it's excellent - if you get the chance before it closes on the 20th I highly recommend it.

And now I should get to bed, to hopefully see off the last of the cold, and to rest before getting up tomorrow to clear out the bedroom before the handyman arrives - my evenings this week will be largely shifting whole rooms around (and judiciously shedding crud in the doing so).
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