Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

On carrying a non-briefcase


It's not really a briefcase, it just looks enough like one for me to be self conscious in different ways.

It's a laptop case, loaned from work for the next few days.

[because because]
The D-rings, (not so visible on this photo, they're just at the top of the sides) giving the impression of a slightly kinky briefcase, are because when they gave it to me, they didn't manage to give me a strap for it, so I am carrying it self consciously, remembering not to lose it.

I have it because it's Plan B - what I use in case I can't work from home on my own personal computer for the next three days.

Working from home is necessary because someone's coming in for the next three days to sand down and revarnish all the rooms in my house, and I'd like to be there.

The sanding is happening now because it's been five years that I've lived here, and it hasn't happened before, except for the first bit of it, that planted the seed, on the floor under the office chair in the old study, because that Really Really needed sanding.

The sanding is also happening now because I am trying to wrench this year back to being The Year Of Doing Things - I forced myself into my occasional review of my Great Archive of Paper Things To Keep, and it was more brutal than most years, but also I found a receipt that reminded me that the increasingly wheezy washing machine in the bathroom that could maybe be on its last legs, but what are you gonna do, it came with the flat - didn't. It was bought by me not long after moving in, and if I've been neglectful of any upkeep then that's on me, it's my washing machine - and would be even if it did come with the flat, I'm not the fucking janitor (much love and respect to janitors).

The laptop, though, is Plan B because I got a new PC and it has Windows 10 on it, and Windows 10 possibly does not work so well with the VPN software that lets me work from home - but the laptop's intentionally not been upgraded to Windows 10.

My new PC has Windows 10 on it, high incompatibility risk included, because it came with Windows 8, and to hell with that.

The laptop, though, is only the second Plan B (which really makes it Plan C) - the initial Plan B was that if I still couldn't get the VPN working tomorrow morning, I'd ring my boss and arrange a three-day holiday on the spot - I have a lot of them to take, and my work's kind of fluid at the moment.

But the initial Plan B fell through, because something happened last Friday in work that we needed to get a handle on - and though I couldn't do much over the weekend, today I've been getting a handle on it and reporting to my boss's boss, including being called into a meeting on short notice with her and two of the more terrifying senior partners. She wrote a note to me and my boss at the end of the day, saying that she was impressed by how I owned it - the next time I get the chance to see her in person, I might mention that it was one of the few days I get per year where I can tell everyone else to bugger off and stop bothering me, and thank her for that:)

Which is basically what happened after my last post - work stepped on my head for about a month.
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