Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Well, I was planning on getting something done today

I didn't go home to vote - it was only on Thursday that I was asked if I had been over here too long to do so. I hadn't really thought about it to be honest, I think apart from anything else it would feel odd, having just voted in the UK general election a fortnight ago.

But today, so much joy - I don't have access to RTE and so I took to Twitter, ended up posting there for the first time in ages. And there's a torrent of joy, 20/40/60 tweets on the #MarRef tag every time I finished reading one.

And great results across the country, the rural as well as the urban. And the study of these has been great too - it's not a fair comparison because I wasn't experiencing the English general on Twitter (and also because I am overemotional at the moment), but I am feeling a pride in all the tweets of box counts, photos of tallies and per-county totals, a feeling that I'm from a country that just has more interest in democracy than the one I live in, the one where it seems like people by and large want it to bugger off for another five years and leave them alone.

The one that got me sobbing though, was one that just read "Off to buy a hat" - this is an extraordinary day, but tomorrow will be an ordinary day in a new world for a lot of people.

Addendum 1: I am aware that the populace of Ireland didn't wake up today as beings of pure light, and even 2:1 is 33% too high. There's much to be done, but man, what a day.

Addendun 2: For the sake of our economy, probably a good thing that Ireland didn't make it through to the Eurovision semifinals - the grim spectre of victory would have loomed pretty large.
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