Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The shop in Heathrow isn't called Impulse for nothing

Is it wrong for a gentleman of mildly advancing years, who wasn't in a position to be buying a lot of albums in the early nineties, to look at Student Daze and think "that'll do nicely"? Is it still wrong if buying it will allow him to chuck a bunch of albums where there's only one good song (Transvision Vamp, I'm looking at you? Also the Stereo MCs if I ever bought their album)

I didn't get it anyway, opting in favour of The real actual best album ever.

Edit: I'm particularly amused by the idea of a meeting to thrash out the tracklist on TVBOND

"Nice work here, guys!"
"Thanks, boss! We were thinking it's missing a little something, though."
"Yeah, you could be right."
"Wait, didn't Andrew lose his copy of Tubthumping last time he moved house? We could stick that on for no good reason at all!"
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