Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Saturday was nicer than I was worried it might be, the afternoon spent at a memorial service for a friend of mine killed in the bombings last year. There were less people than at the funeral, and even less at the return to the same pub we went to afterwards. Which is only to be expected, though I didn't, quite. It was still lovely, and sad. And then life continues, with the best Doctor Who ever! (NB Love & Monsters is still the other best Doctor Who ever).

And on Sunday, after a lot of running around, the housewarming. I was a bit worried that there'd be no-one there, and my start and end times were a bit vague, and for the first hour or so it was just me and alexmacpherson and the Men's Wimbledon Final, which was nice. At the height, there was himself and dubdobdee and fathands and friedslice and katstevens and chezghost and Ed & Suzy WANOLJ and Kate and Emma from Shimura Curves, and it was great. And we got to listen to the first play of the test pressing of the first Shimura Curves single on my record player (except everyone present had heard it a thousand times on mp3 and live, but still). And we all listened being quiet, though this was perhaps less due to reverentialness than the fact my floors are quite bouncy, and a little movement will send the needle skittering all over the place. And we made a considerable booze profit, and (thanks to Ed), poncey food profit!
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