Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Ridiculous Clovember day 6

Today's been a working from home day, so I thought I'd have RidCloVember sorted out hours ago - and in sunlight! - but it turns out a) that I've done away with my sky-blue jumper that I had been thinking of as the highlight of the month and b) work was engaging for a bit and then it was nighttime.

This one is not in and of itself ridiculous, I admit: It's a big solid coat which I inherited from my Dad. It's enormous solidity isn't necessarily coming across in the photo, and I don't wear it out that much - even in London you'd need an actual snowstorm. Cycling in it might well end up with a 2D bike.

I did wear it to NYC in July 11 years ago - now that was ridiculous. Actually that reminds me of its other function, now largely lost to me - it makes sleeping on people's floors far more doable.
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