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More TV

I've been watching (well, mostly 'having on in the background while I'm on the computer') some of the stuff on my Tivo:

[Agents of Shield / Sleepy Hollow / Adventure Time / Parks and Recreation]

  • A bunch of old Doctor Who, as the Horror channel has been gleefully getting through most of it - I'll blog this separately, I think.
  • Marvel's Agents of Shield: This is not very good as such, but it has some engaging characters and some touch of superheroics in its hourly crosses and double crosses - and Bill Paxton thoroughly enjoying himself being cynically evil.
  • Sleepy Hollow: This (Ichabod Crane transported to the future, enmeshed in prophecy after his waking also rouses the Headless Horseman) pushes a lot of my Angel buttons, except Angel even at it's goofiest wouldn't have managed a Zombie George Washington. Nor to be honest was the cast as diverse. I actually watched the finale with the computer off - no greater tribute!
  • Adventure Time: I have actually watched about 100 of these 10-minute episodes - a lot of them are cheery bursts of childish surrealism like Goliad, but the scope varies considerably, and there's some that will handily punch your heart out.
  • Parks and Recreation: My first impression on seeing this was "Oh, that's where all the new people have been coming from!": over the last few years I've seen trailers that are proudly displaying Aziz Ansari / Rashida Jones / Nick Offerman / Aubrey Plaza / Chris Pratt / Adam Scott and I've been aware contextually that they've been from somewhere but not really known (or been bothered to Google) where. Anyway, this is the greatest motherlode of Mysterious New Stars since Arrested Development. And it's pretty good, though I have a theory about it being as close as the US can get to making Yes Minister - it's equally cynical about government, but here it doesn't work, not because the system is rigged, but people people are idiots, and kissing.

Four I eventually gave up on without watching were Revenge, The Good Wife, Justified, and Person of Interest - they all strike me as likely to hang around either on regular channels or Netflix for a while.

And as before, a poll for what remains:

Poll #1973123 Battle of the Telly

Which series should I watch?

Almost Human 1:1-1:8
Babylon 5 1:1-1:22, 3:19-5:22*
Believe 1:5-1:11
Elementary 2:10-2:24
The First Georgians 1-3
Lost Girl 4:1-4:13
My Mad Fat Diary 2:3-2:7
Orphan Black 2:1-2:8
Parks and Recreation 1:1-2:15**
Prey 1-3

Any recommendations / warnings?

* This went on to the end, then restarted from the beginning! Stopped after the end of the first series, but then I've never actually seen that one.
** The ones I'd seen before were season 3, I think.

Also London folks: I'm self-socialising these days, so if you'd like to come around and watch any of this with me, let me know!
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