Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


"How to I get to Brighton police station? I'll just… oh"

"What comics collections was I going to get from Dave's? I had a list… ah"

"I wonder if one of the non-direct trains would get me up to London Bridge quickest? I'll just … hrm"

There is as they say an app for each of these. And I own (in so far as one can own ones and zeros yadda yadda) the apps. But it isn't much use to own them if their incarnation, on my iPhone, is somewhere in the back of the taxi that I took from Brighton station to G's last night. In fact, I have a reasonable idea where it is, as there is an app for that too, which will run on my laptop and let me trace it in its loops from and returning to the station last night, and where it woke up this morning.

But there is a bright side to this (apart from the insurance, and the ability to restore a recent backup of my old phone onto a new one that the insurance may give me), which is that I'm not using the phone either as the internet, or as an internet link for the laptop, so I do actually have time to write some posts for you fine people while on the train back up to London Bridge.

Well, some time - the fruits of the trip to Dave's (Buffy Season 9, Young Avengers, Three, Fatale, Sex Criminals, A very odd and lenticular relabelling of Justice League that is actually the final mind-dump of China Mieville's run on Dial H, Uber, Iron Man, and 2x Mighty Avengers) have mostly taken my time on the way up, leaving only enough to actually write this out. But there'll be another trip back down this evening, so we'll see what that brings.
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