Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Haps x5 (from the weekend before last)

3 minutes per hap GO!

Europoptimism, featuring songs from around Europe and the occasional track actually featured on Eurovision. We met invisible_al in the venue and he was treated to what was in fact a gangs-all-here version of this fine night. Much jumping up and down, including Praga Khan's Injected with a Poison, which I have not heard out in A While

Electromagnetic Wave
G was talking at this day of talks and events, which is usually held as a festival called Electromagnetic Field, but this time they got a boat off Canary Wharf, so it's called... yeah you get it. It was interesting, and G's talk (on Ethics for Engineers) was both excellent and packed with Tony Stark gifs.

Big Cycle
On the Bank holiday Monday I went for my usual London Bridge - Chelsea - Richmond - Twickenham - Hammersmith - Shepard's Bush - City - Isle of Dogs - Greenwich - London Bridge cycle - it was about eight and a half hours, and I didn't falter on the hills at Greenwich and Richmond, which was nice. I did stop halfway up Richmond, but that was more as part of the plan to photo Far Off Things and navigate to them later. There's a vague plan that at some point in the future myself and G may pick up a Boris Bike at Chelsea and do the prettier half of the route, returning the bike at Hammersmith. Also the route around the back of the Dome is available to people again!

Book of Mormon
And after that it was a swift shower and change of clothes, and out to the legitimate theatre - George got me a ticket to see this as a Birthday present, and we saw the hell out of it. I don't really want to say more, but if you think you might enjoy it, I think you'll love it. You might want to be aware that Parker and Stone really really love Musicals - I don't think there's a scene which doesn't end with a song.

New tooth
One of my teeth cracked around the filling a while back, so I made an appointment to get a crown put on, my second
one. I idiotically managed to break the temporary filling on it using er toffees and so got the see the stumpy glory of what they file the tooth down to pre-crown. The actual placing was much more painful than the first crown, even now it rides a little high and is the first contact whenever I close my mouth - reminder of the flesh, I suppose.

Well, I completely blew my schedule there, so here's the two biggest bits of news since: I'm off on Friday to Mexico, where G's brother will be getting married next week - G will be coming down from Santa Barbara, where she's currently researching, and then we'll come back separately on the 2nd. And then a fortnight later, she starts her new job, as a Knowledge Associate at the Royal College of Arts for the next 2 1/2 years at least. Exciting times ahead, folks...
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