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I've been generally aware of the Rich Kid Lifestyle Blogs, have been largely keeping away from them because did I mention blood pressure, but G recently linked The Londoner so I had a look. It's fairly standard - rich kids looking glossy in expensive locations, regular links to "You can buy this here!", though as G pointed out they have embraced austerity by not telling you what the prices are on the blog and occasionally saying "And I picked this up on the cheap for £20!".

So far, so No War But Class War. But there's one post with a very interesting aftermath - it's Christmas Jumpers in Chelsea from early November, which is largely what it says on the tin - except for the last line, which says "PS if you can please remember to go vote for Obama tomorrow!".

Cue 250 comments. But most of the comments are people entirely in favour of this*, with most of the dissenters based on "Don't comment on the US, non-USer!". There's also a spirited defence from The Londoner of her position, based largely on women's rights and character issues.

I'm sort of curious about what to make of this, which I imagine you'll agree is at least a little unexpected. Usually politics around these circles are dodged as something best left alone, or with "I don't think I really know enough to say" (which I imagine we're all clear is code for "I'm voting Tory and have no intention of discussing it with you").

It's possible that a generation of young women today are strongly in-their-bones feminist, independently of any joined-up thinking about other inequalities. I've occasionally moaned about the younger generation's Year Zero mentality, where everything has clearly always been as it was when they first started to pay attention, and ideally always will be. But one of the things that I've appreciated is that the female half of the kids in my work have as part of this unshakable basis the surety that anything available for men is available for themselves too. They haven't done the hard thinking about how revolutionary this idea is, or how other attitudes / modes of talk act to undermine this, but they're young yet.

It is also possibly the case that some of the right are happy to join some of the left in not considering Obama to be much of a threat the economic status quo, for which there's much evidence - the financial planners still in their jobs, income diversity increased over 4 years ago..

Or a synthesis of these two - past a certain point in the hierarchy, you can be reasonably sure that all of the economic stuff is happening below you, and can concentrate on social stuff (or rather you can pretend they're unrelated, despite EG the work of the Chancellor yesterday).

Someone down the comments thread says "but but but - you're a Tory!" and is answered (not by the Londoner) that it's okay, the Tories aren't nearly as extreme as those Republicans, not so interested as being soul-crushing to women, it's actually quite difficult to map the three main UK parties to the US system.

Which suggests that David Cameron may to an extent have gotten away with it, to have shaken off the claims of the Fawcett Society (which I'm now fascinated as to whether The Londoner is a member) and convinced women (above a certain station) that any collateral damage is an accident, that Nadine Dorries is just an outlier.

Also of course it suggests that the Republican party is completely fucked and will need to take a Damascene revelation sometime in the next few years, if they are losing their natural economic allies to this extent. Or are rich Tories generally uncomfortable with jumped-up US millionaires, with their smiles and suits and barely 200 years of history?

Or, you know, probably all of these to a greater or lesser part.

*Okay, most of the comments are entirely in favour of the sweaters.
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