Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

November review

Bah sorry about that, dudes, work flared up a bit at the end.

Actually that is the first thing, the rule proved by exception - it is very nice not to be starting a post by apologising for not having posted in a while.

By the same measure (and partly for that reason) I've enjoyed posting regularly getting into a rhythm, it being no big thing.

I'm not sure that daily quite suits though, some of the posts have been posted with a few things I'd like to polish a bit more but it's coming up to twelve (or after and backdated - shhh!). I think I'll probably try every other day or thereabouts.

Also those of you who've been doing the daily posting - you are all great! I am sorry if I didn't comment on most of them.
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