Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

My exciting day.

It's not very nice out there in N15 by the way - it's cold and wet.

With cars parked on both sides, our road is basically one-way (or one-and-a-bike), and the first thing I saw when I left the house this morning was a car reversing at speed past me, and tucking itself into a space only half as much longer than itself. It seemed almost unreal in the speed and precision - vroom-vrpp - and I later realised that I should probably have taken this as a Lynchian omen.

Anyway, on my bike I went, not loving the elements - hating and fearing the elements to be honest. I had a change of underthings with me as usual, and a jumper in my backpack (jumper beneath the cycling tabard always seems a good idea but never ends well). But what I didn't have was a change of trousers, and my combats were getting soaked. Being combats, 10 minutes draped over a radiator (or a computer) would have sorted them out, but would you believe it, even that is too long to be wandering around in your boxers at work in this new age of "P" "C".

And so my mind chuntered merrily onwards, up to the point where I realised, 10 minutes from work, that I was supposed to be working from home today. Not for no reason, not on a whim - because I had a dentist's appointment at 9:00 - half an hour before my realisation.

And not a cursory standard dentist's appointment either, a quick once around your mouth with the tiny mirror and some harsh words about flossing, but the kind of dentists appointment that you book yourself because the nice thing you were just eating became unexpectedly flavoured with Bits of Tooth. The side of one of the teeth has gone, you can see right through to, er, the filling (I'm guessing no-one is shocked that I have a lot of fillings). Initially it felt much worse, but the tongue can really give some bad readings on things - I guess because it is used to working in a small space, so it will report "right half of jaw gone, sir" and when you have a look and it's half a fingernail's worth. But still, quite alarming.

So after a bit of Swearing Out Loud, I turned around and made my miserable way home. Another thing that should be added to the loadout for journeys this year is gloves - on the way back my hand entirely slipped off the handlebars, providing some wobbling about that was alarming to me as well as the car behind me. And then home with few minutes to spare, to jump into the shower and throw the wet, gritty clothes (another another thing - mudguards) into the washing machine. But here I am now in tracksuit bottoms and hoodie and warmth and cleanliness, and the appointment is back on next week, and all will be fine, provided I don't leave the house.
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