Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


Foot's grand, leg is unsurprisingly a bit hurty - I probably strained it in the first few seconds of "oh fvck oh fvck my foot's under a tyre".

Bike's alright, got up stupid early to go to the hospital and walk it back to work. Might leave it in work if leg's still hurting this evening.

Slightly off today - spilling things and knocking things over (even more than usual!)

Where does one buy decent non-Converse Converse? I think I've seen the discussion fairly recently on my flist, but can't find it. Sub-discussion: where can one buy said shoes today?

Edit: el_yob_no_mis pointed out in very few words that all the exciting Andrew's Big Adventure stuff after the incident was no less important than the few seconds before it: IE I was very lucky not to have broken something, and just because I'm surrounded by cars rather than in one doesn't mean I should take much less care with what I'm actually doing.
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