Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Film day!

One of the things I did during my time off recently was take time off to go see a bunch of films in a day. Greatly helped by having a bike to get me between the BFI, The West End, and Mayfair.

Samsara - I might've dozed through a bit of the early parts of this, but it's a decent companion piece to Baraka, and a descendent of Koyaanistqatsi in being a multi-subject documentary full of slow shots and ambient music. A little surprised by the reviews saying it was pretty but no message - it seemed to be clearly saying "Here is the state of humanity in 2012: Better luck next time, eh?"

Brave - I'm amused by the idea I saw that that it fails the Bechdel test, largely because it also is the Bechdel test incarnate. And a decent Pixar film as well.

Resident Evil Retribution - As you know, I'd (re/)watched and generally enjoyed the earlier films on my iPhone earlier in the month - this was actually the first one that actually felt like it would have a video game adaptation of the movie, which is not a good look for the series. Also too much Aliens in its DNA.

The Queen of Versailles - This I have ranted to a lot of you about, a documentary about a very rich man and his wife, and their plans to make the largest house in the world - before and after the 2008 crash. I liked that this was largely amoral on the subjects - meaning that they damned themselves out of their own mouths by and large. That said, one of the shots caused a noise of disapproval such as I have never heard from a theatre.

Killing Me Softly - This is a fairly simple story of a robbery that goes wrong and a tough guy brought in from out of town (Brad Pitt) to clean it up. I'm surprised that none of the reviews I've seen have mentioned the Coens - apart from anything else, Richard Jenkins was both A+++ and reminded me of JK Simmons in Burn After Reading - except here everyone except Brad Pitt is a dope.
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