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This is a film I saw out in an actual cinema! Myself and G went to see it at the Odeon Marble Arch, which is a bit of an adventure if you're cycling from the direction of the city.

I haven't generally warmed to Daniel Craig that much, some of this is possibly hometown pride in Pierce Brosnan, but there's also an extent to which if you have a sexy dashing spy saving the world, I am happier if that's flagged as Rollicking Fantasy rather than given a veneer of Realism.

That said, this is in parts the best of the Craig Bonds - it has a keen awareness of a rich cinematic heritage - IE it steals from a bunch of stuff. The most striking is the early sections of Bond and M discussing their uncertainty about the nature of the problem in MI6 and their resources in combating it, which was very Tinker Tailor, and actually managed to drag 10-15 minutes of acting out of D. Craig, as well as a sense of weakness. This disappears after a while of course, replaced by the usual blank magic; One of the things that the Bourne films that inform a lot of these Bonds have in their favour is that someone holding a gun on our hero is a problem that needs to be solved - Bond just seizes the gun and with a single bo(u)nd he is free.

The rest of the film is put together from excellent sources - Ben Whishaw as Richard Ayaode, Javier Bardem as Hannibal Lecter (and indeed as Heath Ledger's Joker), and an ending sourced from the least likely part of Bourne. It is not without concern, but it's still a good film, and a great Bond for what that's worth.
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