Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


I went today, after a long day's work, to go get the front brakes on my bike fixed (they broke halfway to Harlesden on Saturday). While I was down in Pedal-It, I picked up a bell as well, making my bike the safest it's ever been. Fans of ironic foreshadowing may be wincing already.

On the way back up Farringdon Road, I got annoyed at a taxi that had stopped to let off it's fare, blocking all the cyclists behind, and went round it on the left, onto the pavement for 20 feet of railings. As I was getting back onto the road, I misjudged and clipped a one-pole bus stop, sending me down into the tarmac, a nasty whack on my knee. I try to get up immediately, then realise I can't, because a taxi's parked on my foot. My foot had fallen in front of his back tire, and he'd seen something out of the corner of his eye and slammed on the brakes.

After that, everything went as well as could possibly be expected. The taxi driver reversed off after a bit of fuss was made, people helped me up and over to a hotel for a sit-down, names were exchanged, ambulance called, dull pain faded to nothing, foot resolutely failed to swell, I rested weight on it on the way to the ambulance, the nurse who eventually saw me in St Thomas' basically said "you haven't broken anything or even swollen anything. keep it elevated tonight, take a few pain killers, don't go dancing for a few days". The only blackspot is that I need to pick up my bike there tomorrow.

Edit: The remains of my eyelets was the first thing I saw when the taxi rolled off, so I was in no hurry to actually take off the Converse, in case the canvas was actually providing a structural role.
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