Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Resident Evil

It is only fair to warn you that a fair amount of these daily posts will be "I saw a film!"

This was watched on my iPhone - I watch a fair number of those that I meant to see but missed in that way, after finding them on The Library of the Internet. It's directed by Paul W. S. "the good one" Anderson, as one of the few directors who has ever made a decent video game adaptation (1995's Mortal Kombat), and so an obvious choice to make a film version of a series that owes more than a fair amount to cinema, particularly the work of George Romero.

The elements it brings in from the video game are fairly generic - A murderous multinational, a manufactured bioweapon that allows dead soldiers to fight on, an outbreak in a small city. An enjoyable cast (including Michelle Rodriguez!) portray figures from the game, and Milla Jovovich plays the all-new character Alice, who wakes up at the start of the film with no idea of where she is or what her relationship to Umbrella is. There's some well-executed standard zombie fare, some interesting new elements (including a murderous AI), and some decent twists as realisation dawns to various people at various times regarding the true nature of what's going on. It's basically a solid genre picture rather than an adaptation as such - the elements of the series are independently effective - zombie skinless dobermans aren't just scary because you recognise them from a game. I remember enjoying seeing it in the cinema, and it's as good the second time - if it sounds like something you'd enjoy, you've probably already had a look, but if not I'd recommend it.
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