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A meme picked up from leedy: the next twenty songs that your mp3player present if you hit random. It was going to be a comment, but it raged out of control.

The White Stripes - The Air Near My Fingers

I sort of forgot about Elephant, apart from That Song, so I haven't heard this in a while. The new one is back to their usual top form, though! 5/10

Willard Grant Conspiracy - I Miss You Best

Yes, well. American Indie boy with acoustic guitar and vague feeling of melancholy. This would be perfectly acceptable if I'd bought it ten years ago; I have absolutely no excuse for picking it up last year. I don't even think it was second hand. 3/10

David Usher - Black Black Heart

No details on this, which means I must have got it back during my mp3blog phase. Modern singer-songwriter, starts dully enough, then gets a bit of pace. And a female singer. And some opera in the background. 6/10

Kenickie - How I Was Made

Everything off At The Club is 10/10, even the stuff that's indefensible, which this definitely isn't.

Elvis Costello - Big Sisters

I think I probably have more albums by Elvis than any other artist, but Trust was the first, and this quick stab of hate 'n' vitriol is one of the reasons I stuck around. From a distance I can see the lines connecting it to Chas'n'Dave, but from further distance, I don't care. 7/10

The Pixies - Space (I Believe In)

I don't believe in Trompe Le Monde, I think I listened to it once and it was so far removed from the greatness of Doolittle that I just never picked it up again. Still won't. 2/10

Elvis Costello - I Want To Vanish

Haha yes, I did warn you. Slow tasteful number, from the album of songs he wrote for other people. This was apparently for June Tabor, which makes it's creepiness ever more impressive. 7/10

King Africa - El Ritmo Es Tu Danza

A simple translation (or just reading the title in a funny accent) will suggest that this is some latin remaking of Rhythm is a Dancer, and that's what it is. The Lex writes about it better than I can, but the short version is that this is cosmic redress for Nelly Furtado saying that she was thrilled to meet her idol Noel Gallagher. 8/10

The Jimmy Cake - Axilla

Fix! This is a short clicky track by, er, that band that leedy is in. 2/10 (sorry!)

The White Stripes - The Same Boy You've Always Known

I'm not that big a fan! Though this is off White Blood Cells, and I am a big fan of that, there's only a few duff tracks on it, and this isn't one. 7/10</b>

Chelonis R Jones (Justus Kohncke RMX) - I Don't Know?

Off the Get Physical 2nd Anniversary compilation that young Ronan Fitzgerald told me to get as part of my futile attempts to get back into Young Person's Dancing Music. He'd probably be quite offended to hear that I think it's a pretty nice techno tune despite a dull beat and cliched vocals. 7/10

Ricardo Villalobos / Suicide - Dexter / Dream Baby Dream

Off the mix CD of the Optimo How to Kill the DJ part 2, the unmixed one of which is one of the best compilations I've heard in ages. This is obvious not designed for shuffleplay, but pretty good, particularly considering I generally hate Suicide. 7/10

Public Enemy - Bring Tha Noize (With Anthrax)

YESSS! The only theoretical flaw with this is that there exists a bootleg that mixes it with Higher States of Consciousness, which is better. 9/10

I Roy - Tripe Girl

This is off the Trojan DJs box set, which means that I've probably never heard it before, as I find it impossible to work with a man telling me about his relationship problems. But you've probably guessed that it's a slow day. Nice skanking background, quality crooner in their as well. 6/10

Missy Elliott - You Don't Know (Featuring Lil' Mo)

I borrowed a three-set of the first three Missy albums off a friend and ripped them, with the obvious result that I cannot tell which ones any of the non-single tracks are off. But to be honest it's a good bet that all the single-quality tracks were released as such. This time, Missy's got man troubles, but she's not standing for it. 5/10

The Mountain Goats - Fault Lines

It's a tired jibe that all John Darnielle sings are about relationships where one or both of the participants are working away at the relationship like a bit of distressed metal. This isn't really true, a lot of the songs on All Hail West Texas are about other topics (okay, some of the topics are relationships that aren't yet doomed, or are well past dooming). But more importantly, who gives a fvck when he writes them this well? 9/10

New Order - True Faith

I think this was about the time when I was confusing New Order and Depeche Mode in my head. Looking back, I don't see how. The distance from That Song isn't that far at times, but there's the memory of joy poking through. 8/10

Bobby "Blue" Bland - Stormy Monday Blues

I picked up a collection of the greatest hits of the unfortunately named Mr. Bland, not because of his apparently enormous reputation in the world of blues singers, but because he sang the track that a Jay-Z song sampled. He's pretty good (and great at times), but it would take a stronger man than me to sit through the full two-disc package in a row. 6/10

Grand Wizard Theodore - Military Cut (Scratch Mix)

One minute thirty four seconds from what I assume is the beginning of sample culture (it's off the B-Boys meet Natty Dredds compilation). Historical interest only. 2/10

Doves - Darker

Damn you! I was this close to getting out with my cred intact (I'm fooling no-one here)! This is off the third album from the previously majestic but these days just lard-arsed Doves. Yes, I have the previous two. And the b-sides collection. Yes, the one that also contained remixes of the singles. Can I go now? 2/10

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