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Pedestrianisation complete

Yes, I've been paved over my bike's been nicked. From just outside work, in the not-very-shady Macklin St by Holborn. I could have sworn I did my usual thing of sticking the D-Lock arounf the vertical post and the wheel and the bike rack, but I guess either I missed the rack (The bike would still be unusable, but Emma reckons a bloke with a van could still take it away for boltcutting elsewhere) or I totally missed closing the actual loop, like some kind of idiot.

I have no idea when it would have gone, either. I didn't check at lunchtime, and after work I wandered down to Leicester Square to see some friends. I didn't even check when I came back from that: I tried to see whether my new key-fob would get me into work so I could use the lavs, and then I went to the local pub when it didn't. My mind is cruelly trying to convince me that there was one more bike on the racks then than when I came back 10 minutes later...

Anyway, argh. Should I tell the cops tomorrow? Will they bother checking the security cameras (if there were were any, and if they were on)? At least I still have the main bit of my expensive light. Grr.
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