Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Cycling around London

Yes, obviously the post-every-day was a dream too good to be true. But what the last day would have brought was an account of the previous Saturday (a Glimpse into the Future by the standards of my usual lackadaisicality), when I resumed my habit of a few years ago of taking a day to cycle 100 km around London.

Findings are:

  • This is the first one I think that I've started from work (IE Tooley Street IE kilometer 60ish), rather than taking a train out to Twickenham to start there.
  • This definitely switches some of it about - the hill through Richmond Park is by no means as murderous 40km in as it was at 80, and the cobbled path around the back of Hampton Court Palace is much better when the only source of light isn't my bike lights.
  • In fact, despite only starting at 10, it was nice to be finished as the sun was just dipping below the horizon, sunset reflected in the riverside buildings on the north of the Thames as I came in past the Scoop on the last few minutes.
  • Definitely buying a bell next time - the paths through Hyde Park in particular filled with people with no clear idea what a cycle lane was (and yelling at them only so much use since obviously most of them not fluent in Angry English)
  • How I have been got: The last time I did this I was single and took it as a "One man alone for a day" thing, this time I spent some of it thinking "Oh I think G would quite enjoy these views and the parks - perhaps look into a Tandem for next Spring?"
  • Caught by hubris at the end: another thing I didn't have two years ago was an iPhone, so I foolishly didn't being an A-Z this time. Cue my iPhone running down over the course of the day, and me (quite lost after the line that read "encircle the Milennium Dome" proved impossible) having to secure my bike and wander around for 20 minutes trying to find a copy of said lifesaving document, in order to confirm I was in fact exactly where I might've thought I was.

In short, that was fun, should do so again.
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