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Stolen from yiskah:

This is what I did for:
New Year: At plumsbitch's for the actual bells, a very nice small gathering, with youtubed Zig & Zag and discussion of Spectacle, and then heading over with G to the Cowley Club, where we danced for a bit then said "shall we go home?" "Yeah let's go home" and did, leaving half-pints behind us, which was lovely.
Birthday: Woke up in Brighton, went down to London and found out that the Blue Posts Newman Street was closed, so ended up in the Champion with those who could make it.
Valentine’s Day: At St. John's in Smithfield for literal menu IE heart and other parts of animals. And Madelaines! I'd never had them before, I can see how they might be memorable.
Christmas: With G's parents in Leamington Spa - food and drink and Doctor Who and opening present beneath the tree, it was lovely.

Employment status: Steady. I think some more effort will be put to this in 2011, to make me better in my job and more transferable without it. A promotion of some sort shouldn't be too difficult, I think.

Creative output: None :) I'm still working on the one thing I was to have written last year (though it's only a month after I thought I'd get it done). No more writing is on my to-do list for 2010, but I do enjoy it when I have a bit of clear space (my to-do list mentioned below is basically "Get A LOT of clear space")

Financial situation: Hard to say - massively in debt, but with house to counterbalance it, and my rent each month is going towards owning more of it (okay, only six months in, so only about 20% is going towards it, but YKWIM). The mortgage is a lot more than my rent though - I'm having to mind my pennies a bit more than in Mile End.

Family stuff: Slightly concerning - not so much due to anything that my sisters are doing, but it is a bad time to be a nurse in Ireland. J in particular is only going back to work now after having a lovely daughter in January (who I am godfather to!) and since her husband's a Prison Officer, their pay has taken the sort of battering that means they'll not be both home much at all for the forseeable.

Relationship stuff: Still wildly in love with G, but also with a level of support given and received and an understanding that this is how it's going to be for a while (not that we didn't, I think, both know from quite early on that this was A Serious Thing).

Friend stuff: Needs further work.

Living situation: House house I have a house, have you seen my house? Actually you probably haven't as despite being in for nearly six months we still haven't had a housewarming. Also I am very happy that (about half of the days a week) it's a "we". There are a few things to do around the house, but nothing yet that should put off a party.

Travel: Quite a bit, actually. Ireland a few times of course (including one weekend in Dublin to see Dublin folk), but also a completely amazing two weeks in Japan, a wedding in Seville, and a long weekend in New York.

Physical state: Worse off in many ways - I need to reclaim my bike and get back on it, and I need to slough off the slowness that December put in my step. I am also (a bit of a theme in some of these this year) been thinking about aging, and The Hill, and slightly panicking that I'll never be Proper Fit again - but this is probably just the winter talking.

Mental state: Good in general - a slight dip in December aside. I am interested in how I do next years, for reasons that I'll get to in a moment.

Weddings attended: One of my oldest friends, Clare, got married in Seville. Seville = awesome, the wedding = awesome, the fact that I couldn't really have picked her groom out of a lineup before = not really awesome.

Babies born: My sister as above, and leedy just before that! I think that's it?

Best books read: David Maurer's The Big Con - a history of the organised confidence gangs who took millions off people on the lookout for a quick dirty con between 1900-1930.

Best TV watched: Current is Doctor Who, DVD is The Wire

Best films seen: Not enough! Possibly Scott Pilgrim.

Best things bought: Tickets to Japan, house, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (though I've barely had a chance to play it)

Music of 2010: Trawling through "best of" lists for 2009 - increasingly out of touch, increasingly okay with that.

Fashion concept: trousers/tshirt/jumper. Switched to a pair of Timberland shoes over Black Spot trainers, is the only real news there.

Things never done before:
- Getting engaged!
- Buying a house!
- Travelling in Japan!
- Living with a partner! (for some of the week!)
- Spent Christmas away from home!
- Went to Seville!
- Had surgery which required silence for several days afterwards.
- Rang an emergency plumber/electrician.
- Put together a list of (nearly) everything that I want to do in the short-to-medium term.

Highlights/lowlights - I may (won't) retrofit these in later.

Resolutions kept: I don't think I had one last year, except possibly "Try to not to fuck this up". Job done, as far as I can tell.

Resolutions for 2011: Not resolutions as such, but before heading up to Leamington I wrote down a list of everything that I had been meaning to do in the medium-short/medium term (IE everything above the level of "Tea, cereal, washing up liquid"). There's about 70 things on there, including some stuff that's been on the long finger for quite a while (previously the presence of "Buy A House!" had obscured most of the long-finger list). I think I should be able to get these all done in 2011, but then I have been underestimating/shying away from some of them for quite a while now. After that, there's nothing really - I don't have any long-term plans apart from "hang around with xxxlibris for the next hundred years or so". Something will probably come up - if nothing does, then I will try and get something on the "Creative" tab for 2012.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2011:
- See above re: hanging out with G
- Hitting the list of things to do
- Figuring out what to do afterwards
- World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (this is not an answer to the above!)
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