Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Tab clearance.

Herein is some links that you might find interesting. I have forgotten who I got most of these off, but shout up if it's you:

Two takes on Wikileaks: one from Bruce Sterling, and one from Dan Hancox on Bradley Manning and Lady Gaga, which contains two of the most amazing videos I've seen this year (you have probably already seen one of them)*.

Speaking of incredible videos, here's Michael Barrymore from 26 years ago: It's a measure of how far we've come that this would never ever be seen on telly today (that said, I haven't seen Come Fly With Me yet)

This has obviously been on my open tabs for a while: retro-viral ads for Toy Story 3!

Here is (a PDF of) China Mieville with a study of the weird vs the hauntological. The first sentence reads "Taking for granted, as we do, its ubiquitous cultural debris, it is easy to forget just how radical the Weird was at the time of its convulsive birth.", if that helps make up your mind.

Amongst the many reasons to regret the Tories being in government, it ruins the end of this article from the Daily Mash last year.

And that's that! More actual content soon. No, honest.

* Is there a name for the whoosh when something that is already quite good suddenly goes up a level or two into Awesome?
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