Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Things and stuff

. Snow! There is snow. It is making the fact that I am too slack to actually do anything about my bike quite bearable. That is its only positive feature.

. Also planning a trip to the new Tron with others, where I have seized upon the idea that we must see it in the BFI IMAX in 3D. Which seems reasonable, except that everyone else in London has had the same idea, and now it looks like it'll be after Christmas.

. A Christmas which I'm spending in England for the first time! I am working up until the XMas eve, then up to the frozen north from whence G hails. I'm pretty excited about the prospect.

. In less lovely news, my washing machine broke the day before yesterday - it does the washing fine, but appears to be unable to stop the spinning and get to the draining. It is getting on a bit, so it might be an idea to get a new one (urgh expenditure in December etc), though in the meantime the laundromat will be receiving much of our business.

(Yeah, this is basically writing to be writing, which is about as much as I'm up for at the moment)
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