Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Something I said on a comments thread elsewhere...

talking about how the way you relate to your parents as you get older.

I remember a friend (proooobably freakytigger) a few years back reporting excitedly that while looking at the bands that had been left in Abba's shadow, they'd found a Dutch group called Luv', and I thought "Oh yeah, I remember them, they had that song 'Trojan Horse' that starts with bagpipes .. wait, how do I remember them?". And the reason I remember them is that they were on a tape that my parents (possibly actually both of them rather than just my dad) made so they could listen to some of their favourite songs in the car (the tape deck in the dashboard being very exciting). And they made this on their hi-fi that would have been pretty impressive at the time, from the records that they owned (and the singles that they had, including the Pinky & Perky ones that they bought for us, the kids).

And there's a jolt as I realised that my parents didn't just have a collection of records, they had a record collection, they were culturally hip.


Anyway, here's Luv':

PS: Hooray, according to Wikipedia: "Jump With Me, a song by Dutch Jumpstyle band, the Sheffield Jumpers, featured a re-sung chorus from 'Trojan Horse' and was released in August 2008". There is literally nothing about this sentence that I don't like.
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