Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

House and home.

My mother and sister did come over after all last month, and enjoyed what of London they saw (we went on the Big Bus tour, the highlight of which was a Willy Wonka-like speed under the bridges over Thames Street / Victoria Embankment).

They also saw the house, and had a wander around the vicinity, which caused me to think about how much I like it around here. I like:

  • The local shop is 24 hours, and is one of those magical shops that implausibly seem to have some of whatever you want (recent selections include nail clippers, fabric softener, and a bottle of pink fizz called "Lady")
  • The costcutter's by Manor House station, with more Polish foods than Poland.
  • Hooray carsmilesteve just around the corner!
  • There are tons of parks around: Finsbury Park obviously, but also Downhills to the north, Clissold to the south and Clapton Common/Springfield Park to the east. Which is probably not unrelated to:
  • Nearly being in lovely Hackney! I hadn't noticed until I tried peering at the street signs while cycling home one day, but it is very near indeed - the road that carsmilesteve is off (and I am off-off) starts in Hackney and ends in Haringey. As you can see by from this awesome map (NB map is enormous PDF)
  • Being a healthy cycle or walk away from Harran at Harringay Green Lanes, which does the nicest kebabs I've ever had - practically a health supplement in themselves!
  • Trying to figure out what the local post office is actually a front for (I can understand, to an extent, the selling of seaside tat in one half of the shop, but why are they selling one (1) enormous white good (I think it's a dish washer, but can't remember for sure)?)

So yeah, I like living here (which will improve this weekend, with a bunch of furniture appearing, and a builder coming around to have a look at the water damage) and around here. It's probably not forever, but it's nice to have it for now, and one of the links in the chain is coming over here to that first flat off Caledonian Road, five years ago yesterday.
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