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It's been all go here lately, partly because this weekend my mum and my sister are coming over. This will be a) the first time my mum's come over to see where I lived since I moved over five years ago and b) the first time my sister's come to England since driving the van over five years ago and getting monstrously lost on the way c) also the first time that my sister's been two entire nights away from the kids since Jack was born, nearly two years ago. So there is much tidying of the house! I bought a drill yesterday, and put up a bike rack to hold the bike! It fell down immediately, but it was one of the happiest 2-3 seconds of my life.

But that is not what I have gathered you all here today for! Let us cast an eye over some recent previews of forthcoming movie attractions!

Winnebago Man: I actually remember (or have convinced myself that I do) the passed-around-the-internet movie of Jack Rebney cursing his way through the ads for Winnebagos (Winnebagoes?), but I didn't realised that it had become a proper phenomenon, enough for two film makers to roust him from retirement and bring him to meet his 'fans'. It compares a bit with Best Worst Movie, about the resurgence of interest in Troll 2, except the latter strangely fails to mention that the plucky first time writer/director/producer is, er, one of the other stars of Troll 2.

There was a brief period where Johnny Depp, never a top-rank actor but never to be discounted, became very big very quickly; He stole the considerable show in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, and possibly even more impressively walked away with Once Upon a Time in Mexico over the good folk Banderas, Hayek, Rourke, Trejo, Mendez, Iglesias, Marin and Dafoe. You can imagine someone at that point pitching Depp! in a film by Verbinski! in Mexico! And he's a lizard!

I can't really tell when the first Da Vinci Code knockoff film was (is National Treasure too early?) or whether there should be a distinction for film versions of knockoffs of the books versus knockoffs of the film version, but the first truly shameless one has finally arrived, with The Oxford Murders, starring Bilbo stephens as Half-age Tom Hanks and John Hurt as Ian McKellan as the villain. Also some ladies, at least one of whom, the trailer would like us to be assured, takes her clothes off.

Hey, we're FrICTION! We have the single worst idea of all time for a movie, and we're weirdly proud of it!

I am not certain that being the director of Trekkies is enough to qualify you to make your next documentary about The Nature Of Existence, and I imagine that I would be wanting to shout at the screen for quite a bit of it, but I am glad of three things:
  • Apart from the philosophers and religious leaders, they interviewed Irvin Kerschner, the director of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Irvin Kerschner, we may therefore assume, is still alive!
  • Irvin Kerschner appears to be a complete dude.
(he is right at the end of the trailer, past the guy from Ultimate Christian Wrestling)

Speaking of complete dudes, I am aware that the new Karate Kid movie is, like the original, basically a sports film (as well as having little to no actual karate), but still I am gently affected by the trailer, and also, you know, Jackie Chan!
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