Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


The voice: Is alright, I was basically keeping it quiet during the week. It turns out that the real dangers aren't the general workplace, but stuff like instinctively responding to a co-workers "okay, bye now!". From Friday I should be using it at 50% (both words and volume), which I'm actually finding harder. Hence me turning up to a party, chatting away to a new friend, and then leaving after an hour, having used up all my words for the day. More proper quietness at work should help, tomorrow.

The kidneys/gall-bladder/whatever: Still twinging. It stopped after the vocal cord operation, but that's because I was on codeine+paracetamol for two days. Talk to the GP tomorrow about the blood test, and in for an ultrasound on Wednesday.

The house: is still lovely, though matters medical have meant that I haven't really gotten very far with it over the last while. I am definitely still in the honeymoon phase - yesterday I realised that if I sit at the computer with bare feet on the wooden floors, I can tell when G gets out of bed and starts pootling around.

Also G: Is generally awesome, and is here a lot, and now it appears that without much fuss we're now (half the time) living together, and it's kind of great.
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