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Illness and Links II

Where was I? Oh yeah, dying..

So yes, it was back to the walk-in centre on Thursday, and the doctor there did some prodding and became a little concerned about my pancreas. He re-iterated that the best thing would be to register with a GP, but he also found to his surprise that he could sign me up for blood tests the next day, so he did. Back home, more paracetamol, more troubled sleep.

The blood test was alright all things considered - I tend to be more argh about them than I should due to fear of needles, but it was perfectly alright. They said they'd send it on to the doctor at the walk-in, and he'd let me know in a few days, probably.

He rang back that evening, as I was about to head out to a dinner to celebrate G's brother's MBA graduation, and said er yes, it might not be the pancreas, but something in your liver functions area of the blood results is fvcked, possibly the Gall Bladder? Anyway, get yourself a GP and I can send these results over. This (plus the actual pain) didn't noticably make me a sparkling dinner companion, I'm afraid. Two paracetamol at 7, then we fled home after the dinner, and went to bed around 10. At midnight, up with a terrifying pain, and then up for another hour waiting for the paracetamol to kick in.

And then up early on Saturday, to get myself down to the local GP and register - the nurse who did the traditional health checkup/intervention was quite struck by my plight, so although the advice from the reception was that I would have to ring back first thing on Sunday to get an appointment for Tuesday, the nurse booked me in first thing on Monday.

As an aside, and having seen them in work a few times, I suspect that the trick to the practice (which has been getting universally negative reviews on the NHS direct website) is to work around the receptionists as much as possible.

Also the walk-in centre is open all day at the weekend, but the phone lines are off, so I had to travel over there to get them to send the results over to my new GP - they claimed that it'd automatically transfer over when I registered, but seemed confused when I mentioned that the practice has suggested I ring them.

Anyway, the rather worryingly titled Dr Putris who saw me yesterday, agreed that it all sounded very Gall Bladder, sent me off for a blood test today and an ultrasound ASAP, and has no idea where my previous blood tests have ended up. The blood test this morning was more gruelling, not so much because of it being three vials as the nurse taking it yelling "You shouldn't be so tense! Lie back! Relax!"

The thing is though - Saturday/Sunday/Yesterday have actually been much lighter days, with my thorax wandering gently towards 'discomfort' rather than heading straight to 'PAIN'. I've been heading the discomfort off with paracetamol, but it's been a matter of taking it once or twice a day, rather than four times and wishing it could be five. Which is nice, but I'd quite like it to just stop please now (while being aware that organs suddenly going sweary for a week do not tend to stop for no good reason).

Anyway, that's my lunch break done - only the one link, you may have seen it before:

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I'll take that!
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