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Illness and links

Bah, not been a great fortnight - I found myself at the walk-in centre in Hornsey Central twice in 8 days.

The first time was last Monday, when I'd left work at 3.30 (after not sleeping much of Saturday/Sunday night, bad headaches, general weakness) and found my way, via an abortive trip to my new local GP and a 20-minute walk in blazing sun occasioned by the road outside said GP being cordoned off by a crash, to the walk-in for 6:00. At which point I sat down in the second-story all-glass waiting room, which the blazing sunshine was turning into a remarkable impersonation of a lightbulb, and then in a bit curled over shielding my head to try and get some shade down me. The very nice people behind the desk came over and offered me a darkened room to sit in for a while (at the time I could have sworn the sign on the door said 'Psephology', but er maybe not). I gallantly refused their offer to either close the door or put the dentisty chair in the 'back' position, as I didn't want to actually fall asleep. You might not have ever really considered what it would be like to be in a dentist's chair, if it wasn't 'back'? And if you were trying to get restful? It is not in fact fun.

Anyway, I was seen, the usual prodding and suchlike, and the doctor thought it was most likely one of those viruses, non-vomiting type. Being not amused at my attendance in work that day, she ordered that I stock up on codeine+paracetamol = cocodamol, go home, lie down, and maintain that position for at least 48 hours. Which I did, facilitated in no little part to my awesome houseguest thorngirl, who was a delight and an angel. It was Friday before I left the house again, and by Sunday I was in hale and hearty form.

Anyway, that one at least made some sense. On Monday I popped down to the Pembury, and had a few light ales (by which I means their 7.2% ciders, pure blindberry juice), and a small pork pie, in the excellent company of katstevens and boyofbadgers. Headed home, was drunk on the internet (and was successfully convinced by xxxlibris not to essay the worst-advised poll ever), and then started feeling a pain in the chest, as when something has gone down the wrong way. It came and went every 5-10 minutes for a couple of hours, and I was quite concerned about the possibility that, if I laid my head down to sleep, I might not get up again. It turned out though that the horizontal position did the trick.

Up again on Tuesday, into work with just some slight tightness - it doesn't bother much, but when I get up to head home, I realise that something else has Gone Wrong: my kidneys (or areas adjacent) have become sensitive, with every step that I take sending a twin spike of pain. By the time I get home the chest pain has returned, so after a phone call to G I'm off away to the walk-in again. The same prodding and peeing as before, but the doctor also notes that my temperature is a little higher and apparently spots some spots on my uvula, so the diagnosis is one tablet for general gastric distress, one (amoxycillin) for general infection and sure, if you've got any cocodomal left, you might as well neck them for the kidneys. The obvious problem is that we're missing the obvious signs - the kidneys might be sore, but the urine is Grade A, and the chest might be tight, but the breathing is unaffected (I can take untroubled large breaths without and even with the attacks: it just hurts like a bastard in the latter case).

Yesterday was mixed - the chest fine, the kidneys fractious, but remembering that I have some non-codeine-flavoured paracetamol seems to have quietened them down a bit. If they're still raising merry hell this evening, it'll be back to the walk-in again.

Anyway, you've suffered through that (or possibly skipped it entirely) here are some links:

Blizzard, the people who make the 1-million-paying-player World of Warcraft, have decided that in order to cut down on poor behaviour, people will be forced to use their real names (IE the ones on the credit cards) on the forums, and eventually the game itself. This comment drops a lot of science, and also says stuff that rarely get said enough.

Best. Politician Name. Ever

"Scientists were unsure why male Mexican mollies wear an extravagant moustache-like structure on their top lip."

And finally: there is a thing! called Karaoke Circus! Where comedians and stars go, to sing songs with a live backing bands (some of them also comedians), and then strange_powers wins. Anyway, here is The Thick of It's Chris Addison, singing most of Left to My Own Devices.

(needless to say you should not press play if you are alexmacpherson)
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