Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

A joy, a question and a bit of a rant.

Firstly, nicked from Romany formerly of this parish, a live map of all the Tube Trains! Okay, missing the ELL, but otherwise crikey! And it apparently only took a couple of hours.

Secondly, every once in a while I see a quote and think "That sounds completely implausible to me... but then again I don't actually know anything about the subject". Thus with the Guardian interview with Trinny and Susannah, which leads with the quote "We never, ever talk about weight or beauty or looks". Help me out friendlist: how much of a gloss is this? (The interview does seem very interesting anyway (but oy, don't read the comments))

And lastly you may remember my concerns with the internet and the phone lines and the house move et cetera. extracts has gone to get a new phone number in the new house, in his name, and so I enquired about getting my internet contract moved over to the new number when it appears (some time hence). Apparently how this might work depends on whether it's a new actual physical line or not.

If it's the same line, then all is woe, I might as well transfer my internet and let extracts set up a new internet account, as it'll be as quick as getting him set up on mine.

If it's a different physical line, though, then joy is unconfined, and they will be able to transfer my account from the old to the new number the same day the new number comes on.

This, it might be reasonably suggested, is nonsense. Yet it appears to be the case.
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