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You probably know the drill by now: ask and ye shall receive (eventually)

From glitzfrau:

1. Estate agents = gougers. Yes, they are. What's your choicest story so far? Anecdotes from friends also fine.

I've been quite lucky! The worst that has happened is the flat which was quite large and quite cheap except it turned out that the lease was a bit short, the freeholder was missing and you had to basically ask the Queen for permission to do anything with the common areas. A while later the same estate agent was due to show me another property, but he sent along a colleague, who mentioned in passing that they didn't expect to sell the property until it was sorted out, as no mortgage lender would give you the money in that condition. Needless to say the first gent had been trying to persuade me to put an offer on, you know, just to show interest.

'Anecdotes from friends' possibly covers the ad that my friend Ian swears he saw for a flat "ideal for a single gentleman who eats out"

2. What are you most looking forward to in The New Gaff?

Most immediately, a nice southwestern window in the bedroom, letting in a tasteful amount of light and possibly giving us a touch of sunset, rather than an enormous southeastern bay window battering us awake at 5 AM.

3. Ireland: spiralling back to the fifties in a handbasket, or just strategically retreating to straighten its front line?

I certainly wouldn't be surprised by the former, though I'm embarrassed that I am far enough out of touch that I can't really tell the gloom and doom from background Irish cynicism. I am looking forward to seeing if The Plain People of Ireland will actually get around to voting out Fianna Fáil.

4. If you hadn't emigrated, what would you be doing now?

A good question - I haven't technically thought about it, but I do wonder from time to time what would have happened if I'd gone back after six months.

Work: I would probably have gone to work for the Great Mothership Google along with many people I know.

House: I would almost certainly have tried to buy a house - though of course seeing leedy's travails in this matter I may have decided that renting forever is by far the better option.

Friends: Considering that I had fled to LJ earlier in the year (in fact I've just missed commemorating my 5th LJ anniversary, this Tuesday gone), I am really quite glad at the idea that I would quite likely have met yez (IE the quarter of my friendslist that I owe to leedy) eventually, and hopefully become friends. Also of course the people that I'd followed to LJ from my previous internet hangout!

Wuv: I probably wouldn't have met G, though, which would be quite a shame. I would like to melodramatically claim that if there was anyone left in Dublin for me, surely I would have found them, but then I recall that cartographer has, in the time I've been away, found love, moved for love, and been recently entirely married, so perhaps my salvation would after all have been to go work for Google.

5. Any special dietary requirements for your visit up north? I already know to label our bottles "Small" and "Far Away".

Answered upon asking! (no olives, nothing too spicy, fact fans!)

From yiskah:

1. What are the first three things you plan to do with your NEW FLAT?

In the event: Check the electricity meter, take a shower due to cycling up on a really hot day (and marvel at the radiators being able to dry my clothes while I shower) and check the gas meter.

2. People aside, what would be the thing you would miss most about London if you moved away? And people aside, what do you miss most about Dublin?

I would miss that it was London, one of the few places that can reasonably claim to be The City - both in the sense of being a cultural centre that attracts the best in the world, and also in the sense of having a civic conscience where people have actually sat and thought "What would it have to be like, if we add all these people from different races and nations together in one city? Let's ask Boris Johnson!"

I miss the managable size of Dublin, that you could in fact get on 'the scene' (for whatever scene) without much of an effort more than going out a few nights a week. Also of course the lovely cynicism.

3. What affect do you think being a CHILD GENIUS has had on the rest of your life?


4. What would be your desert island discs?

Argh I really don't know. The Stone Roses' first LP is one I can play at work as something that boosts my spirits without having to pay any particular attention to it, which is I suppose the area we're looking for - I love Alan Moore's history of William Blake, but listening to it too often would probably burn it out. My favourite artist is probably The Mountain Goats, but I don't think there's a single album of theirs that doesn't have one song that grates (albeit by the time I'm playing it for the 20th time). Recent experiments suggest that I can listen to an awful lot of the album by The XX, though.

5. What's one thing you'd like to accomplish in the next year? (Flat aside.)

Hrmm. Flat aside, not be skint due to flat. That aside, I am thinking about the writing stuff that I talked about a bit during this non-short non-non-sprawling post - I think that after all the dust has settled, I'd like to either have done something about that, or know that I'm not going to.

From freakytigger:

1/ Which TV show would you most like to have watched at the time of its original broadcast?

On the one (cheating) hand Doctor Who, because some of it just isn't there any more, and I am actually both fascinated and almost entirely unschooled in the pre-McCoy ones. And of course, all these other shows, you can get them on DVD.

On the other hand, that's nonsense and I would love to have seen the moon landing.

2/ What should the categories be in a set of London Pub Top Trumps?

. Number of non-Magners Ciderz
. Number of non-Magners Ciderz that are Kopparberg
. Number of sports TVs (lowest wins)
. Number of games on the Quizzer
. Number of train lines within ten minutes stumbling distance
. errr
. will this do?

3/ Are the Tintin films going to be Any Good At All? Show yr workings.

I say yes because apart from Stunt Casting they appear to be employing a bunch of no-names who look funny in the way that Tintin characters should. Arguably, Cary Elwes falls into this category these days. Also I am a word-based lifeform and it's being written by Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright and Stephen Moffat.

4/ When was the last time you got Angry At The Internet?

I can't remember! I seem to have drifted into calmer waters (actually no, there are on consideration a few friends of friends that can bring on the Red Mist quite quickly). I was quite snappy on friend_of_tofu's journal yesterday when someone said "oh yeah there was this article in one of the New York papers about MIA, I can't remember which one", when the post she linked to (Nitsuh's one) mentions the article in the first few words, but I think I was just amused rather than annoyed.

NB I get angry at things on the internet quite regularly but generally it's because people have been paid to write them for actual proper newspapers.

Actually now I know - Kieron Gillen dropped a note about a game which only has one note itself, but is not without other merits. The comments thread turned bad, so he wrote a longer article explaining some pretty basic stuff, and locked the comments, as is his right. But the site has a forum, and there were people on the forum who wanted to argue with the second post. And I went and found them, and then I was Angry At (but not On) The Internet.

5/ If you had a talking parrot what phrase would you teach it and for what audience would this phrase be intended?

Internet funnytimes ahoy, I suspect - ooh, I could go for "O RLY?"! Audience = everyone who is reading these words, I regret to say.
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