Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Well, that went quite well, considering.

Considering, for a start, that my recruitment agent was 100% wrong when he assured me that I should only brush up on my Java, no need for my C++ skills.

The guy interviewing me was T0m McCannon, from Dublin as it turned out, and on the way to the interview he mentioned that it'd be in order "Me, Shane, and John Murphy", though Shane turned out to be Shain, and of an Indic extraction. Tom seemed happy enough with the bit of Credit Risk I'd scraped off (a site he uses himself), Shain's Java tests were fine, and John Murphy didn't seem too bothered that my C++ was five years out-of-date. In fact he leaped at the opportunity to skip the test, as he is a fantastic bitter & cynical Corkman of the sort that fills my heart with joy (leedy will know who he immediately reminded me of), the sort of person who reassures you that whatever about the actual workload etc, the atmosphere in the company couldn't be so toxic if someone like him can stand working here.

"Aaah, I hate writing those tests, to be honest."
"So you won't be asking me about times in a previous company when I felt challenged?"
"I feel challenged everytime I get out of bed, by."

Apparently this was the technical interview, it's meet the boss next, which considering the vast amount of technologies involved but not covered today means that one of two things was happening:

a) They were less testing how much I knew than how well I knew what I knew, in which case I would have done v. well.
b) This is a stitch-up and the job's gone to someone else already. I would probably have quailed at the job spec if I'd seen it beforehand, but the agent wouldn't say anything except "My contacts have alerted me to a job you'd be perfect for, turn up Friday". Well, that and the aforementioned phonecall of lies.
c) The Irish mafia will get me a job if I have two hands and two feet :)

The important point, though is I had a good week of preparation for it, and walked in as prepared as I could have been (apart from etcetc), so it looks I'm back to full confidence in my abilities, which is nice. And now I have to arrange for money to be in the right place for next month's rent:)
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