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This will be a bit fragmentary, it is basically a bunch of "Oh yeah I bookmarked this for Further Dissemination". I probably nicked these from you. Sorry.

Lady Gaga: I imagine you all have views on Lady Gaga, fortunately someone has put down a reasonable approximation of mine in The Times. I particularly like the reverse-Lehrer of "To put all this into perspective, when Madonna was 23 she was still working in Dunkin’ Donuts in New York."

For a little while, Clients From Hell was a little too close to the bone, but that's come and gone, so I can share these stories of (mostly web) design clients with all. I hope some of you enjoy it (I would be looking at you catsgomiaow, except I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you not only read but contribute)

Lady Gaga: I remember who I got this from! I met mondoagogo the weekend before last, and she insisted that I look up the Terrifying Truth on Lady Gaga, Tool of the Illuminati! NB There is more tool if you want.

Amanda Palmer: This article on Tiger Beatdown helped me pin down one of the things that annoys me about Amanda Palmer, and that I recognise in friends of friends*: She's not actually good at respecting difference, she's just good at being different enough, and insisting that people respect that difference (which they should).

Lady Gaga: That said, it's striking that Grant Morrison's not been publically writing much since The Fame Monster came out....

My boss's boss has apparently stopped cycling, but not told his friends. As a result, he appeared at my desk, knowing that I do cycle (as far as any of you lot know), with an unwanted present from one if his friends: a bike horn! Okay, in fairness it's only a bike horn if you have never ever heard of Harpo Marx. I promise to use my new powers for good rather than evil. Even if it is really hilarious evil. 

And hooray, I've made it to the end of this post, written over a period of several weeks, without at any point hitting the 'buy' on the link to a VIP ticket to see Gaga at the O2. And now off to Japan, which will be better than that! [Ed: ha ha ha]

*or rather, as it turns out, other friends of friends!
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