Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Dirty Old Town, part one of three million

I spent part of yesterday evening wandering around town with my best friend, as we used to do when the world was at our feet and we had all the time in it etc. I was mentally preparing for the move by dividing things into stuff I will and won't miss (I should stop doing this out loud, as it'll get pretty tiresome). Tower Records' magazine section had a copy of local freebie Mongrel, which contained a space-filler item about how "If Ireland's ambassador Bono paid his taxes, it (sic) would be able to buy 10,000 in-calf cows, 20,000 in-kid goats and so on for the poor countries of the world. Footnote: I'm sure he would use all sorts of tax dodges if his artistic status was revoked, so we calculated this figure by finding out on the internet what he's worth, and taxing that."

Some things I really won't miss.
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