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Being an assortment.

  • While home a few months ago, I saw an advert for Lesser Spotted Ulster, a nice TV series about a nice man who walks around the province and talks to various nice people. I was kind of delighted to see that the music chosen to accompany the ad was the (gentle, soft-spoken, but perhaps not technically nice) Walk on the Wild Side.

  • One there was a nice man called Tim Powers, and he thought to write a book set in the Caribbean, combining three of the things that area is known for: voodoo, rum, and pirates. And so he wrote 'On Stranger Tides', which is a great romp, and later it was going to be made into a film. Not one of those famous voodoo/rum/pirates films... well, not yet.

  • I had some cycle training a few years ago, when I lived not very far from what I do now. In fact the training started in Victoria Park, as it's a big green space reasonably nearby that I can ride around in for ages without ending up under a truck (which was a bit of a problem in those days: "Well, you've clearly managed the left turn there, and oh no under a truck again"). We then took it to the streets! Ending up on Mile End Road, trying to cross three lanes of traffic, except there wasn't any traffic there so I didn't really learn anything. Ironically the only regular problem I've had with that manoeuvre in last two years has been coming into Mile End Junction from the other direction. Anyway, I recently realised that it can't really be that far from here, and so a few weekends ago I went back to retrace my tracks. Strahan Road is where I learned to start in the road, and take turns (onto what is apparently also Strahan Road). Then down to Grove Road, where I learned turning right across traffic (past the bridge, just where you can see the car coming out), and over to the Tredegar Road, where I learned the terrors of the roundabout. Then down to Mile End Road, and the unhelpful end to the lesson. I don't have any real point here, except that I liked retracing them and fitting them together with other roads I knew around there, and I like that technology means I can share them with you.

  • We had some people come in and talk to us about health insurance this week, and one of them had a leaflet describing what in each of the categories listed their plan did cover, and what it didn't. Fertile ground as always in the complimentary medicine category - if it does cover Hopi Ear Candles, what will it balk at? The answers are the mysterious sounding Vega Therapy*, and ... hair analysis. I suspect it's strand-by-strand, but hope that some people are actually trying to claim back money for someone to come in and tell them that they like what they've done with it.

  • I'll do a proper post on the proper filter regarding house stuff, but holy crap!

*Which turns out to be some electroacupuncture business. I was hoping it was a course of cassettes on which the former frontman of Suicide explains for 45 minutes that he invented punk, and at the end you're quite glad you're not Alan Vega.
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