Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Teach Andrew About: Grace Jones

Sometimes you become aware of new-to-you information about an artist that you've previously dismissed, and it forces you to reassess them. For example, I found* this awesome but absolutely not safe for work picture, and now I'm thinking I should give myself a second chance with Grace Jones. Those that know: where should I start, so that I may become a fan or definitely decide she's not for me? For reference I have relistened to Pull Up To My Bumper, and the marks are : her voice 8/10 the bits that sound like Talking Heads 9/10 the bits that sound like generic 80's funk bass 4/10 the Carry-on lyrics 2/10.

* on Dalston Oxfam Shop blog, when I was looking for info on actual Dalston actual Oxfam Shop. Such is life.
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